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Your Choice

June 4, 2021 


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Its a choice


Your thoughts - your choice

What you look at - your choice

Make excuses? - your choice

What you read - YC

What you look at - YC

What your goals are - YC

If you reach those goals - YC

What your marriage is like - YC

How you act - your choice

What you say - your choice

what you do - your choice

How you respond - your choice

Your health (outside of S&D) - your choice

What you eat - your choice

How smart you are - your choice

What you choose to do with your spare time - YC

How well you know bible - YC

How well you hear God - YC

How much time you spend in prayer - YC

How well you get along with your kids - YC

The job you are in - YC

Your level of education -  yc

Your level of income - your choice 

How well your dog behaves - YC

How clean your car is, office is, closet is - YC

How well you use your time - YC

Your involvement in church - YC

Whether you change or not - YC

How early you get up - YC

Wether or not you lie - YC

If you look at Porn - YC

If you doubt God - YC

If you practice apathy - YC

If you practice empathy - YC

If you tithe - YC

If you receive Gods blessing - YC

Wether you know how to fight - YC

Can you defend the Christian faith - YC

Your level of happiness - YC

How you spend your money - YC

If you lie to yourself - YC

If you enjoy your extended family - YC

What you watch on TV or screen time - YC

What you listen to - YC

How much time you spend on your phone - YC

Living Gods promises - YC

Intimacy with Jesus - YC

Leaving a Godly legacy - YC






How many friends you have - your choice

Your life… Your choice


And if you are a woman… your shoe size… your choice.



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