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Irony of Irony

Irony of Irony

December 8, 2022


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in 1978 Giovanni D’Arco of Italy was sitting comfortably by her fireplace when a spark jumped out and caught her clothes on fire… tearing them off she dodged being severely burned… the irony is that her name in Italian actually means Joan of Arc… 

You do know how Joan of Arc died right?


It only takes a spark to get a woman glowing… 


Im not here today to talk about martyrs, but rather the irony of life and following Christ. What do I mean? 


In life we all have pictures of what a Christian looks like. Or maybe more what a super Christian looks like… ok, I will simmer it down a little, just a solid Christian looks like. And my question would be what does he or she look like???


You know John the Baptist gave heavy warning to the messiahs coming. he even said he was unworthy to untie his sandals… He belted out and belittled the religious leaders of the day… saying Jesus would come with fire and power from the Holy Ghost.. Gods spirit himself. he ate locust, he ate honey, he wore a leather belt and camels hair… in the summer…. really? Thats a bad dduuude. People came out to see him, he shouted repent, you are a sinner, he challenged all…
he was totally the opposite of Jesus, In fact as Larry Osbourne points out in his book “Contrarains guide to knowing God” he said even Jesus and Johns disciples we’re confused at who which what where… who is the one to follow, who is the right one? Who is living out the solid Christian walk per se’. 

Johns disciples came to Jesus and asked are you the one? 

and Jesus disciples came to him and asked how could this John Dude, be in his right mind.

But Jesus makes no bones about it… he says the Father is greatly pleased with John. 

Lets get back to irony right… Jesus said we will be greater than John… John said he was the least and shouldn’t even take of Jesus sandals… Lets throw the apostle Paul in the mix… he is sooo arrogant he tells his audience to be like me… follow my example… 

So should we be like Peter, bold loud mouth, should we be like John and meek, mild and thought himself to be Gods favorite? Should we be young and naive and a little impetuous like Timothy? Should we be highly detailed like Luke… 

The irony is its not who you should be… it is truly about the fruit. Forget the pattern, forget the idol of the latest Christian talking head, Are you producing fruit? and if not, maybe its more about you trying to be somebody you are not. Look, if you know me you know I am a loud mouth, I am bold, mouthy, I can come across arrogant… but I believe (and with the help of my mentors and accountability partners) I am producing lasting fruit. Leading people to Christ, seeing healings and manifestations, disciplining people into full fledged followers of Christ.

Here is a simple prayer for today… god give me the freedom to be who you want me to be… and give me a piece of fruit to lead me… and by that I mean have peace and see fruit.


Hypocritical hypocrisy for Hypocrites

Hypocritical hypocrisy for Hypocrites

December 7, 2022


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Hypocrisy is the homage (reverence) that vice (evil) pays to virtue (righteousness)… ouch. So true. 


Hypocrisy versus life

You call me master and obey me not

YOu call me light and see me not

you call me the way and walk not

You call me life and desire me not

you call me wise and follow me not

you call me fair and love me not

you call me rich and ask me not

you call me eternal and seek me not

you call me gracious and trust me not

you call me mighty and honor me not

you call me just and fear me not

If I condemn you, blame me not. 

For I am the consequence of hypocrisy 


The problem isn’t your hypocrisy… and the problem isn’t my hypocrisy… the problem is that neither of us can see our own hypocrisy. As John Milton wrote in paradise lost (book 3) For neither man nor angel can discern Hypocrisy, it is the only evil that walks invisible except to God alone. 


A book came out years ago by Dan Kimball, I did not read it, but the title was they love Jesus, they just don’t like the church. And I get it, and again I have not read it… I have heard Dan speak and he seems legit… but my thoughts on this are simple…

The world will hate us and love us at the same time for different reasons.

I stand for God and the world hates my views.

I love like God - i.e. give sacrificially to those in need, love the unlovable, pray and heal the outcast, seek out the sinner and love them even while they reject me… I love like God and they applaud me.


What I am talking about is, we are imperfect beings trying to serve and uphold a perfect love, a perfect message and a perfect example. Sounds somewhat unattainable… we are in a sense set up to be hypocritical with that goal in mind… yet that is the goal.

what should we do?

Here is the cure to hypocrisy… ready… its not hard.

Honesty + Openness + forgiveness 

If I am honest with myself and realize I am a hypocrite in many ways - THAT I DONT EVEN SEE, If I am open with others and without reservation let them know I blow it, I blew it, I will blow it again… and then simply ask then to forgive me and ask God to forgive me… you can’t really be called a hypocrite if you follow that full equation. 

Oh sure you can still be hypocritical, we all are, but no one will label you an outright hypocrite - at least not any sane person. 


From straight talk counseling:

At the root of hypocrisy is fear and low self-esteem. We use hypocrisy to avoid looking at our shortcomings and figure out our part in it. It typically stems from a sincere belief that we should not be held to the same standards as others because we have better intentions. Our belief is juster, nobler, and sincerer.


I believe this to be accurate… but what does scripture say in return? 


Rom. 3:20Therefore no one will be justified in His sight by works of the law. For the law merely brings awareness of sin. i.e. hypocrisy 

23. For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

We are all hypocrites.


Next time your around people you are trying to win to Christ… be honest with them in a moment of vulnerability and tell them you are trying to represent Christ as best you can, and if they see any hypocrisy you would love for them to kindly point it out to you…

You may be surprised, when we are honest about our hypocrisy, it allows others to see theirs… and that is when they are open to the gospel. 

Church it up Baby!

Church it up Baby!

December 6, 2022

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Were you a pew sleeper? My son just posted a picture and story line of a young kid sleeping under a pew… oh how I can relate. And so can my boys. I loved the fact that they wanted to be at Youth group at the age of 5… when church was open we we’re there. 



When I was a kid we went to church a whoooole lot. And I mean almost every day. My father was the pastor and we had services Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, Saturday morning get togethers.. Now you may say that still doesn’t seem real excessive… oh did I mention I grew up right across from our church… I was there every day. Sometimes when my mom could not get my dad to pick up the phone or it was busy, she would send me over to get him. I probably was at church 4-10 times a day… and it didn’t hurt that I was into skateboarding and we had a huge parking lot with lots of things to olly over and jump. 


But what if I told you… 

You go to church a whole lot more than you think? You might say well garth I hate to admit it, but I am not that regular at church attendance.. I hope to get better but its not an every Sunday type of thing… well first lets look at what the church is.

The greek word for church is

Ekklesia – Most often translated “church,” but it actually means assembly, gathering a group of people for a particular cause. It depicts the body of Christ in both a universal and local sense. See Acts 19:32; Romans 16:16; Matthew 16:18; Revelation 1:4


But what that means is you don’t have practice worship on Sunday mornings between 8 and 11am to be a church. You don’t have to have a pastor there to be a “church”. You don’t have to have it on Sunday or take an offering or even sing songs… 

however… We do need to still consistently meet as a church and it is still easiest to do it on Sunday because it is our culture. you can ask a total nonChristian person to come to church and they will say… “oh Im busy this Sunday”. Thats how much it is in our culture… if you were to say “oh we have church Thursday early mornings at 4am at the parking lot of the local YMCA… well they might think you are a cult… but I digress.

My point is this - and I promise you if you practice what I am about to talk about it can literally transform your life. 


What if you practiced church out of church when you were with the church… worship, giving, testimonies, healing, scripture…

Hold, on let me back up and give a real life example. I was at a theater years ago (now this happens a lot, but this one time was sincerely anointed) My wife and I walked out from the movie and saw a couple we knew - not from our church but great Christian friends… we are talking and up walks another couple and their teens, then another couple, then a couple single guys that all knew one of us or more. We were all Christians… and in a matter of just minutes we were praying for one another, we were speaking into each others lives aka little mini sermons with scripture. and we even gathered up some money for one of the guys who was struggling financially. We had church in the theater lounge with 15 people, no band, no pulpit, no preacher… 9:15 at night with hundreds of strangers walking past us. oh and we represented 4 different churches and 3 different denominations… 

We were the church


so what if every time you got together - wether planned or unplanned with other followers of Christ you practiced what being the church was. We see in Acts 2:

41 Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread (Lords supper)  and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

7 things… we can do anywhere anytime, any place…

yes I have baptized people on the fly… There’s a lake somewhere or a pool

Have taught, I have taken up an offering, I have fellowshipped signs and wonders the whole shebang out in public with other believers. 

**maybe our problem in the church today is we are trying to keep the church in the church, rather than be the church where ever we go.

Lets start making other Christians feel awkward when we are around them in Wal-mart by being the church until… until… UNTIL every Christian starts to be the church outside the church.

Fire it up

Fire it up

December 5, 2022

Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 





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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” (John Stuart Mill) and what happens when you do nothing? your fire goes out.


Marvin Hagler It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas”

He never wanted to lose his edge… but knowing it can happen he would make appropriate changes in his training. He knew if you lost the motivation to train you could still bring the best out of you if you created extreme measures. He would train on the East coast in the dead of winter, jogging out in the snow in combat boots. One reporter remarked that his training camps were more like prison camps. 


Stay close to the Fire

Sometimes we find ourselves truly keeping our quiet time sacred, and our prayer time in tune… but we still seem to lack that motivation and fire. I think in todays world we need to understand that my fire can only keep so many things warm in my life.What do I mean? Cut some things out of your life. You are doing to many things. I used to question why famous evangelists would come to our church, preach a week long every night, but you would never see them during the day… they would just hide up in their hotel room. Once I started to travel and speak I had a better idea as to what was going on. to pour out every night I needed most of the day to recover and retire with the Holy Spirit. Now I understand that when I tend to my fire, I gotta make sure I don’t try to share it with to many or it can die out and leave me cold. 



Stay close to those building fires (motivated people motivate people) 

I have 3 specific people that I can call on, talk to and get fired up. You know to be honest, I am usually the one people call to get fired up… but there are times when I need it. The older I get the more I realize I just don’t have time for lukewarm Christians… sinners? absolutely, I love hanging with sinners… but people who say they are followers of jesus and don’t live it… get to the back of the bus. 



Learn to build your own fire. 

I loved Awana as a kid… but only because I had some cool leaders… one took us camping and taught us how to build our own fire… it was pretty awesome as a kid learning how to build a fire with just one match. 

I wrote down on a 3/5 card a simple line… be your own revival. 

I have pictures in my head of me at my best, I pray those pictures into reality. I see myself on fire for God. I see myself passing the test of daily living with all its temptations. I see myself passing my fire on to my kids and my grandkids. 

I have a bunch of sermons that I listen to again and again that I know will fire me up. I worship songs that I listen to and my secret weapon… I have parents that love God and are still alive that I talk to regularly. 

*You know sometimes it would be easier if we just gave advice to someone else about how to stay fired up for God, stay motivate for Christ… but then after giving that advice we chose to do it ourselves. 


BTW your fire can die by not only NOT feeding it, but also by feeding it the wrong stuff. Due a gut check once and a while to see what you are feeding yourself. 




December 2, 2022


Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 





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The liver king is a fake?

Disney does have an agenda to promote LGBQT?

Hillary really lied… are you sure?

Wait just a second… Biden lied?

Hold the phone… vaccines don’t work?

Fauci made money from the pharmacy companies?

Nancy Pelosi had inside information on buying and trading on the stock market?

Excuse me… you mean to tell me that not everyone on instagram is telling the truth?


Lets just talk about Liver King? Don’t know him? just imagine a dude jacked on steroids… however spewing lies that he does not take steroids… its all based on him eating raw liver, organs etc… from animals. But ahhhh as many people called him out on his BS - you know people like Joe Rogan, and the Steroid Doctor (who is actually a doctor) and some of his ex-friends who were closest to him. And then emails came out between the liver king and his dealer… The dude made hundreds of millions on a lie. 


Have we really gotten to the point where everyone under 40 have become gullible? 


Here is a spoiler… The Rock, Dwayne Johnson is on steroids… I have kids at the gym argue with me… he is not. **and here is their logic… he even says he is not on steroids… oh well then that clears it up for sure.

Anyway- he’s juiced like a Sunkist!


Mass information brings mass disinformation and misinformation. 


Prov. 14:16 A wise person is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is careless and overconfident.

17 A short-tempered person acts stupidly, and a person who plots evil is hated.

18 Gullible people are gifted with stupidity, but sensible people are crowned with knowledge.

19 Evil people will bow to good people. Wicked people will bow at the gates of a righteous person.

20 A poor person is hated even by his neighbor, but a rich person is loved by many.


How about Job 5:2 Jealousy kills the Gullible 


what to do?


1 Tim. 4:7 But reject those myths fit only for the godless and gullible, and train yourself for godliness.


I have in my hand right now… thee greatest tool for knowing wether someone is lying or not… its called a computer… or better yet GOOGLE.

what is the best way to use Google… first off no matter what you find out on Google you must compare it to what scripture says to what you have found after study and comparison. Scripture is the ultimate spotlight. 


First never assume they are telling the truth.

Second, gut check.

Third, is this lived out in other peoples lives

Fourth ask questions like is there a bias in peoples opinion? Who is making money on this claim?

Fifth, if it works I can assume everyone is using this. (the diet pill, cream, exercise, drink) 

Sixth, are there sources sited for their information? 

Seventh, Where to check:

• Primary Sources:

- Government reports (,

- Data (state, federal and municipal open data portals)

- Court documents (search LexisNexis or

- Original scholarly research (found in Google ScholarTM, or open source repositories like or

• Secondarysourcesfoundindatabasesatwork,and in your public, state and university libraries:

- Search articles in databases like Nexis® or LexisNexis Newsdesk®

- Search for data on or

• Askanexpert:ascholar,governmentagency employee, or industry representative.

• Searchfact-checkingsitestoseeiftheinformation has already been debunked.

Check your sources, back your sources with other sources, cross reference your sources. 


Eighth, am I bias? Now for me on exercise and diet I know I am extremely bias due to my hands on experience for over 40 years. So I must push that off to the side even before I do my research. here is a great example. 2 years ago I say a young man 28 doing some exercise in the gym, I told him how bad this was for him… he told me to check out the knees over toes guy… That night I looked him up on youtube and watched about 3 hours of his videos… I was dead wrong on what I thought i understood on the physiological aspects of exercise on hypertrophy in the knee area

Anger + Sin

Anger + Sin

December 1, 2022


Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 


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Have you ever become angry? Of course you have… and we all know that anger is a sin… uhm not exactly- in fact the bible says be angry and sin not… so we are allowed to be angry, in fact the bible says BE ANGRY. But don’t sin… so how do you handle anger? How can we use it for good?

This is taken from Mental help net and it states…. 

As you become angry your body's muscles tense up. Inside your brain, neurotransmitter chemicals known as catecholamines are released causing you to experience a burst of energy lasting up to several minutes. This burst of energy is behind the common angry desire to take immediate protective action. At the same time your heart rate accelerates, your blood pressure rises, and your rate of breathing increases. Your face may flush as increased blood flow enters your limbs and extremities in preparation for physical action. Your attention narrows and becomes locked onto the target of your anger. Soon you can pay attention to nothing else. In quick succession, additional brain neurotransmitters and hormones (among them adrenaline and noradrenaline) are released which trigger a lasting state of arousal. You're now ready to fight.

So now you are angry… but before you get there you need to ask yourself what is acceptable to be angry about? My reputation? My losses and gains in the stock market? What happens to my job? My health? There are sooo many variables… but lets clear it up. We can and should be angry regarding the things God has spoken to us in his word. So lets clarify… you say God wants me blessed… I agree with that and there are many ways he can bless us. But you continue on with the thought I am angry that he has not blessed me financially… ok, now hold on skippy. Have you tithed faithfully… that is 10% of your income to your local church. If not, no need to get angry, you need to get giving. Your anger is out of place. 

You are angry with what people think and say about you… Well are you offensive, are you selfish, are you arrogant? are you a jerk? If so… hold your anger and get your self squared up with Jesus and how about repenting and asking those people to forgive you? again anger in this situation is out of place.

You are unhappy with your marriage and your spouse just doesn’t seem to get it. You feel cheated by them and you truly are angry about where you are at after all these years. ok, are you empathetic with your spouse? is your love unconditional with your spouse? Do you sacrifice and serve your spouse? Would you want to be married to you? Well then… how about that- again your anger is misplaced.

See here is the point today… the bible verse says in Eph. 4:26 BE ANGRY AND SIN NOT… buuuuut, if we have been sinning before the anger… maybe the anger is because of our sinning? 

Look in todays world everyone is angry at something… someone, some cause, some group… but is your anger misplaced? Here is a thought, use your anger to feed your passion into changing and becoming a better you. Get so mad that you take an afternoon off and seek God to change you and not the other person or situation. 

Kill the Twin

Kill the Twin

November 30, 2022


Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 


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Ethan Supplee the overweight obese actor in remember the titans… he has lost well over 200 pounds and not just lost weight he has become a certified gym junkie hard core! He posts on twitter and instagram his workouts and then tags this line to it… KILL THE TWIN. 

What does he mean by that? He means kill the guy you used to be so the guy you want to be can live. 

Do you want to be the thermometer… you become who you are with. They have no spiritual hunger, you have no spiritual hunger, they have no discipline, you have no real discipline, they don’t take care of their bodies, you don’t take care of your body, they talk crass and void of spiritual substance and you fall in line, because you are a thermometer rather than be the thermostat. Look when I go to my parents house they have the heat on in the summer… well at least it feels that way. But I don’t get to change it… If I wanna get cooled down I go for a drive and go get some donuts, or coffee or just meander a bookstore. They set the temperature and I eater like it or I don’t. But they aint changing it. If people are going to separate themselves from me, its because I make them uncomfortable… I am the thermometer, I do not nor will I ever change my temperature for them.

Look you can be a chameleon or a Chrysalis. One changes color to match its environment the other finds an environment that will force it to change. DON’T MISS THE POINT, YOU GET TO CHOOSE!  

Choose who you want to be. Be specific, picture who you are. I have a little slogan that I say to myself. Blue bible, blue suit, blue music, blue balls, blue skies… I won’t go into detail but it is a slogan that continually reminds me of who I choose to be OR RATHER who I choose to go after… that is the picture in my mind, in my prayer life and in my goals and actions… that choice of who I am becoming. 

I even picture what my life will be like when everything lines up with my vision. The types of sermons I will preach with the authority I will have, the places i will speak, the car I will drive, the conversations I will have with my grandkids, the manifestations of God I will have… I can even taste it… even smell it I picture it so detailed. I see myself with a more intimate relationship with jesus than I have ever had. 

Without a vision the people perish. 

Chose ye this day whom you will serve, choose this day the picture you want to be. 

Will it be hard? Of course, I know there is a cross to carry, but I will carry it. Oh my twin wants me to put it down and take the easy road… but I can’t do that because that is not the vision I have. I have already envisioned hard times, and problems, but I also envision myself overcoming them. So I embrace the hardships knowing I am actually embracing the process and the testimony that will come with it. 

I have chose to listen intently to Gods voice and do what he says so that I can be who he wants me to be and so that I can do what he wants me to do. 

Remember Peter… he was a man of action, bold, timid, loudmouthed, tempered, and a quitter. He was willing to walk through the fire for jesus… well until it got hot. Then he bailed, in fact he made so many bad choices the last few days of Jesus before he died and after he died, he decided to go back to his former self, his former vision… he went back to fishing… his old life. But Jesus calls him out on the beach. He says Peter do you love me? he asks Peter 3 times and Peter gets a little testy.. he says Jesus you know all things you know I love you. And Jesus says than choose your future… actually he said Feed my sheep. But that is exactly what he meant. Yo Pete you were meant for a different life, a different vision, you we’re meant to go through the fire and stand like a rock, remember? Now put away your old life and feed my sheep. That is your vision, your calling.

What have you chosen to be? is it what God is calling you to be? Remember you don’t just fall into it, its a choice. Kill the twin for the win! 

The Garden Hose and the Lukewarm life

The Garden Hose and the Lukewarm life

November 29, 2022

Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 


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I still remember playing in the summer as a kid in the back yard… sweaty, grass stained, sun boiling down on you… and when I was just about to fall over dead, I would run to the garden hose and turn that sucker on… I would hand it to my friend to drink first… and it would be the water that had sat in the hose… warm, sometimes even hot… Grosss

But that water that came out a minute later… AAHHHHHH ice cold garden hose water… nothing better. 


YOu might be a redneck if…

You might be a LWC lukewarm Christian if…

You love Worship on Sundays but you don’t worship during the week.

You love a great sermon, but it does not move you to do anything that week.

You are so incredibly thankful for Gods grace, but you are not convicted about your sinning.

You never seem to be able to tithe 10% but you always seem to have money for pandora, Netflix, Starbucks, a movie, dinner with friends, the newest iPhone and or your phone bill.

You can see a phony miles away but you are not moved an inch by your own hypocrisy. 

You never seem to have time for Church, but you would never miss the game, or Tonyas birthday party or the gym.

You believe everyone should know Christ, but you have never ever ever led anyone to Christ… well… because its just not your spiritual gift. 

You find it easier to beg God or even blame God than to simply be thankful for his death on the cross for you… his amazing love just seems trifle. 

You are mad because Jesus super sauce, steroid injection Jesus, the magic genie Jesus doesn’t seem to work at blessing you and making your life fall in line with your desires. 

You would definitely draw the line at actually moving to another country to be a missionary… I mean don’t those people have missionaries already? uh, unless it was Hawaii because I hear lots of those people still need Jesus. 

You are thinking of bailing on your marriage because I didn’t realize it was going to be this hard and that I would have to work at it and besides my partner is not who I thought they were…. “you want me to pray about it???? thats not gonna help. 

You find it easier to jump on the bandwagon of social causes, and political agendas and the latest media soap box… be it BLM, save the planet, baby seals, whales, prairie grass, vegan, pro abortion/ women rights, defund the police, anti trump, the unfairness of the work world…. or whomever media starlet stands up against the crowd… how dare them think for themselves… anyway, you are more empowered by that than by the simple commandment go into all the world and preach the gospel. 

You know why you are lukewarm? Rev. 3:16 you are neither hot nor cold, you are lukewarm so I will vomit you out of my mouth.

You can do your own study on that verse if you don’t believe me, but this is what this means.

You are lukewarm… you are just like everybody else. So either Get hot and heal people the the power of the Holy Spirit or get cold and refresh them with the Holy spirit… but please don’t be like everyone else.


Double Vision

Double Vision

November 28, 2022

Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 


Brought to you by Gym Apparel for men and women that rocks and shocks and ain’t for everybody - but just might be for you.



Having a vision for your life might be the worst advice ever given… or maybe the best. Why might a vision be so destructive … starting out tantalizing - and lets face it, most at one time had a vision for their lives, but they just failed to execute that vision. But anyway… if you don’t have Gods vision for your life- that might be the beginning to the end. The beginning to ultimate loneliness. There might be nothing worse than having a vision where you drive nice cars, are married to that smoking hot spouse, live in a mansion, run a multi million dollar company…. slip yourself into your favorite vision- maybe its a famous actor, musician or athlete. BUT IF ITS NOT GODS VISION FOR YOU…. you could waste years of your life and still feel cheated. Now first off there is nothing wrong with the visions I just mentioned, but again if it’s not born out of a few things that we see in scripture we may play right into the devils hands. 


First… what actually is Gods vision for my life

What are the talents and gifting God has given me that might be used in his vision for me

Do I realize my human nature can taint the water in my vision

How will my future vision of my life impact the kingdom


Interesting parable in Luke 14 starting in verse 27

And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

What is the cross in a sense? It is what God has for you. What his vision is for you…. and he goes on to say this…

28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’

31 “Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand? 32 If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace. 33 In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples. 

This last verse… oh man… (if you do not give up your vision for your life and seek mine you will never truly be a disciple of Jesus) 

Count the cost, check your vision, make sure you have Gods vision because he will give you what it takes to pull it off… and if its not Gods vision, you may in fact run out of purpose, meaning and resources to ever fill that void… that hole that is there because Gods vision is missing. 

And to top it off he says in verse 34 “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? 35 It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out.

Jesus is saying… if your life lacks the touch of God, the taste of salt, the vision he has given you- then you wasted your life and all that you did gets thrown out.

Sober words for Monday. Seek his vision! 

Think Thanks 2

Think Thanks 2

November 23, 2022


Wake the Faith up Slayer… This is Garth Heckman with the David Alliance and you can reach me at 


Brought to you by Gym Apparel for men and women that rocks and shocks and ain’t for everybody - but just might be for you.


1 These. 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.


Scientists conducted a study in 2008 to measure the brain activity of people thinking and feeling gratitude. That would be thankfulness. 

What they found was "that gratitude causes synchronized activation in multiple brain regions, and lights up parts of the brain's reward pathways and the hypothalamus. In short, gratitude can boost neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the brain stem to produce dopamine." Dopamine is our brain's pleasure chemical.



Practicing gratitude and positive thinking on a daily basis throughout the year can change your brain and your life! The same area of the brain that controls emotions and behavior also controls higher-order thinking skills like focus and attention. A person's ability to analyze information can greatly benefit from keeping the brain happy through positive thinking and gratitude. Dopamine is our brain's pleasure chemical. The more we think positive, grateful thoughts, the healthier and happier we feel.


Maybe scripture has something here when it says give thanks in all circumstances… But seriously - all as in everything, as in even the bad? 

Look I am no superhero, but I have had my fair share of bad days. Broken neck… barefoot water skiing out of my life forever- and it was my life.

My Fiancé broke up with me - and she was my life.

Arms paralyzed - could not hold my new born son




Brain tumor

Failed church plant

Sisters brutal fight with alcoholism ending in her premature death

My Son now recently having his “Christian” wife walk out on him

My other son battling his demons with drugs, the law, crime…

My wife battling depression and chronic back disability

and trust me I could go on and on… but in everything give thanks. It does a body good, and in fact it does a body soul and spirit good.

In giving thanks to God in all things I am admitting we live in a sinful world, but that God is still ultimately in control and worth serving regardless of circumstances. and as verse 18 says, for this is Gods will for you.

He wants us to proclaim to the fallen world, to the sinful world and to the demonic world that he is worthy to be praised… so that we also prove his worth in our life and our tongue regardless of what is going on. Is God worthy of praise and thanksgiving… just watch me! 

And what happens? in v. 19 it says you will not quench the spirit, it means you will have Gods spirit in greater form in your life by giving thanks… because what is the secret of thanksgiving in hard times????? it is the ultimate act of faith… and his spirit shows up big time! Through faith we move mountains, through faith we heal the sick, we see financial blessings, through faith we see revivals…

Think Thanks, in all things!

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