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Pay the Price

June 2, 2021 


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How bad do you want it.


Those who know God the best, used by God the most and walk in victory on a more consistent basis have learned one thing matters more than anything else.


Time with God!


I have to set up a meeting a few times a year with someone to find out how I am doing in my spiritual walk. It is a brutal meeting, it is painful and it is nothing but honesty… and that meeting is with me! 


Yes me! I ask myself questions like: 

Am I really meditating on Gods word when I read it?

Is my prayer time just meandering and repetition?

Am I really putting enough time into seeking God?

Am I really dealing with my sin?


But the key in all of these is “am I willing to pay the price… and that price is almost always more time with God”. It takes time to build intimacy, it takes time to hear his voice, it takes time to press into his presence, it takes time to meditate on his word. 


In the ESPN series The Last Dance, talking about Michael Jordans life and legacy. There is a clip in the series where they talk about the Detroit Pistons and how they were the bad boys… they had what was called the Jordan rules. Simply put: you attack him. So in this short clip they interview a celebrity author, black professor who is just a cool dude, he is the kind of guy you would like to just hang out with… but anyway. He has one little sentence that just stands out to me he says something like “How bad do you want it? Are you willing to get hurt just to score a basket? 

Sometimes men we have to ask ourselves the same thing.. and deal with the honesty.

How bad to you want to be like Jesus?

Maybe you are honest and you say… well yea, I would, but I need to get my career going, and make some money and hit the gym and be a Dad and a husband and go hunting etc…   

But at least be honest and say “I do, but I don’t want to make the sacrifice”. 

Or you can answer I do… but I am not making the sacrifice yet… and I need to.


I was just recently on a zoom meeting that was with about 25 business people… We are being mentored by a very successful business person. I was at first shocked at how honest our mentor was with each of us. He basically called many of us out on our BS. He even put up on a screen a spread sheet and ran someones numbers real quick and said “not to embarrass you Mr. Williams, but your numbers don’t add up, you are talking BS”. 

I loved it and hated it… my turn was coming up soon.

But at the same time I was thinking “I am paying for this? and I am paying a big some of money for this???”


Because I know me- and I need honesty and I know I need to pay a price if I want something to be the best it can be. 


Yesterday we talked about mentoring. How many of you are willing to be mentored to grow in your spiritual walk? How many of you are willing to sacrifice a hobby, some TV time, your computer, your early mornings etc… to connect deeper with God? 


Here is the sad state of affairs in most peoples lives. They connect with God a few flashes a week… never really pushing in until there is a problem. How many of us miss the obvious in the Gospels where it says and Jesus got away by himself as was his custom. 


Ever try to sneak something through customs when you are traveling? 

If your custom is meeting with Jesus for daily long extended periods of time… you won’t get away with much and you will definitely be more like him.


My final word on this subject: Life is busy. We all have the same amount of time. You will have to sacrifice somewhere in your life to find time to be more like Jesus 


Many of you will never realize just how worth the sacrifice is… there is no better trade in life. 

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