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No Leader? No Problem!

June 7, 2021


Leader Lesson 1.0

Sometimes it’s not about wether you are or are not a leader, but more importantly can you spot a leader.

You may not have what it takes, but can you spot someone who is and in turn work for you and fill in your weakness - Well that is a far better skill set in the long run. why? Because even if you are a great leader- there is only one of you. So if you can spot leaders its a huge foundation to the success of your life, spiritual life and all opportunities ahead of you. 


 Here are 3 things to look for when trying to identify a potential leader. 

First, do they lead themselves? This can in fact be misleading- what do I mean?

I look super disciplined in that I go to the gym every day, My body shows the fruits of that, but its

not discipline… its love. I am not not any more disciplined going to the gym every day than asking

a fat kid to eat cake every day. So you need to dig deeper into a person to see how they may actually be a leader.




Number 2

Can they get immersed in a project. Maybe you have heard of the book flow. It is an amazing book talking about how when we do things we love we can fall into a state of flow… time gets lost and we are completely absorbed. 

As a high school and college student did they get lost in hobbies, interests, sports and time flew by?

Ask potential leaders hard questions to see if you can identify flow in their lives. 



Number 3 

Do they make a practice of doing hard things… for some of us its making our bed every day. Are there people in their life they 

don’t particularly like but still make a habit of connecting with? Have they started a retirement plan and if so how much of a monthly 

sacrifice do they make towards their investments. 

Do they have a regular exercise program. Ask them what hard things have you taken on lately and how did you overcome the adversity in learning and conquering these things. 



Number 4 

Here is a secret I have learned in spotting leaders - ready for this? 

They have predictable schedules. Oh sure they may travel due to business or may have to work weekends some times, but all

in all their days mirror each other day perfectly. Here is what I mean. My days are almost so predictable you would think I don’t 

get a lot done, but it is actually just the opposite. I get up at the same time every day, I write, record and edit at the same time every day, I read and pray every day at the same time, I eat, snack and read at the same time every day. I work out at the same time every day.

It is the discipline of my schedule that allows me to lead myself and be most productive. Multi tasking is a lie… it actually robs you of focus and productivity. The more you see a potential leader who has a predictable routine the more likely they are productive. 



They know their roles daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. 

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