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Attack Attack Attack

June 3, 2021 


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We saw satan cast down in 2 ways in scripture.

first from his position in heaven, and secondly he was cast down into the heavens…

There are levels of heaven as we understand in Ephesians 6. So he is now at war in the heavens leading principalities, powers, governments and systems in and through his rank in the heavens.


Don’t for a second think that satan has no plan. he is a well informed and well educated enemy. He has dominions under his command and has rank and file of fallen angels that are now demons. They don’t just haphazardly shoot arrows at you.

The word Arrow in the Greek used in Eph. 6 is actually a root word we use for missiles. They are specific, well planned thought out attacks on our weaknesses.


So how do we fight back. Here are 3 things that as men we can do specifically. 


Ask yourself these 3 questions:


When hunting or fishing, a good gamesman uses the right bait to lure his prey (Worms, Apples? Buck fever Rut potion) another animal might use the tactic of faking an injury or even making the sound of another animal in distress luring an unsuspecting victim into its grasp. 

What are your weakness? or let me put it this way… How would YOU track YOU?

When your sex drive is not being met?

When finances are tight? 

When you compare yourself to others? 

When you are angry?


You gotta ask yourself what is your bait? What is your weakness?


Once you identify them now you can really start to go to work. 



  2  - WHEN are you weak?

When your wife won’t have sex with you… do you pout and justify porn?

When you don’t have enough money, do you doubt God and stress out quit tithing and being generous.

When you compare yourself to others… someone gets a new car, job, home, toy… do you go and spend money you don’t have?

When you are angry do you take it out on your wife and kids or over eat?



  3 - What is your plan of attack… don’t just defend, but attack! 


Recognizing your bait and your weakness is the part everyone does… the part no one typically does is put together a detailed plan of attack against the enemy.

It would be like going to the doctor and getting an X ray. He takes the x ray, shows you what is the matter, what will happen if you don’t deal with it, gives you some solutions and then you go home and just hope it works out by knowing the information.


Men here is the secret: The attack should be offensive. What do I mean by that? 

ok, so you are dealing with lust… don’t just pray God help me not see boobies… 

your plan is offensive. Yes pray God strengthens you, and pray his grace frees your mind to focus on him. But also have a plan that if you start to lust you go on the attack.

You will go and share the gospel with someone, you will write a check out for a missionary, you will memorize a new verse in the bible. You will call and pray for your pastor or someone in church. You will visit someone in the hospital and pray for them. 

And finally your last act of offensive attack is quoting Gods word over your temptation and speaking faith into it. But you have his words ready and memorized and at the tip of your tongue.


So here is a scenario: 

You are driving down the road and a beautiful woman is jogging, you just got into a fight with your wife and your mind immediately starts to think of this woman jogging…

Attack: Pull over to a gas station, share Jesus with someone, pull over and call a friend and pray for them, begin to immediately thank God for his word and what it says about you and your wife. Prov. 18:22 he who finds a wife finds a good thing. 


This is my mindset when tempted: oh so that is how it is satan…oh ok, your going to pay - and I let him know if you attack me- I attack you and what you stand for. 


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